TFP Terms & Conditions

TFP (Time/Trade for Prints or pictures)

  • TFP does NOT mean you may request free photography to suit your needs. TFP is a reasonably equitable exchange of services that shall benefit everyone. If my style of photography doesn’t fit in your plan then I request you not to agree to participate in photo shoot.
  • Edited photos will be delivered in 900x600px resolution format. You cannot choose which photos you would like me to edit, unless agreed on any terms before the shoot. As the photographer, I have multiple parameters and check boxes to tick off for choosing the right image which fits into my aesthetic or style of photography.
  • I will do my best to get you photos within a timely manner or communicate with you about the delay. I will provide no more than 3 photos from one look. If you want to receive photos in full resolution or choose photos other than we chose to provide as per this agreement, please let me know and I will send you the price list. The additional photos and/or photos in high resolution will NOT be given for free.
  • Model and other team member are requested not to alter, edit, crop, put filter or change the photograph in ANY MANNER. If you do so then it may have to ask you to withdraw them.
  • Nothing in our TFP agreement is a promise for monetary credit, promotion, or advertisement on my websites or other social media. TFP means “time for photos”.
  • Photos received from a TFP agreement can be used for your portfolio and self-promotion only and may not be sold or used to advertise someone else’s business or service. No products, wardrobe, jewellery, or other items shown on photographs may be used for promoting other brand.
  • A model release form is required for every TFP photo shoot and will be distributed to all parties on the team.
  • Photographer retain the copyrights to all of the photographs  forever as per the guidelines of ‘IP law of India’, unless otherwise agreed.
  • We are always open to discussion and revision of these terms & conditions BEFORE the photo shoot, never after.
  • Most Imp: Please do not ask for RAW images or contact sheet. Answer will always be a NO